winter tyres
Winter time is notorious for car breakdowns. In December 2010, AA patrol officers dealt with over 28,000 breakdowns – in one month!  But with a few simple checks and regular servicing and MOTs, you can get ahead of the game and keep your car on the road and safe this winter.

Car battery

The biggest cause for winter breakdowns, it’s vital to check your battery. If it’s more than 5 years old, there is a good chance it may give up on you when the icy temperatures make an appearance.

Windscreen wipers and window washer fluid

Overtime, the rubber on the windscreen wipers will disintegrate, so if you notice they aren’t working as well as they used to, it’s time to replace them before they completely break.

Similarly, your window washer fluid will need topping up more regularly, as with all the rain, snow, sleet etc, they will be in use far more frequently. It’s always worth carrying some extra washer fluid in the car so you don’t get caught out!


To avoid your engine freezing up, it’s vital you monitor the coolant levels. If it isn’t filled to the maximum, top it up with the right type of antifreeze (a solution of half anti-freeze, half water).


Cleaning the lights will help keep you as visible as possible during the dark winter mornings and evenings. Also, check that your fog lights are fully functional, just incase you need to use them at any time.


Traffic jams are more likely to occur when the weather is at its worst, so make sure you always have at least half a tank-full of petrol, incase you get unexpectedly stuck.


Usually 1.6mm is the minimum tread for tyres, but when driving in winter conditions, make sure you have at least 3mm to help improve traction. It’s also worth checking the tyre pressures regularly to make sure they are in line with the manufacturers instructions.

If you combine these checks with regular servicing and annual MOTs, your car will keep ticking along nicely throughout the winter months and help you avoid any unwanted and inconvenient breakdowns!

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