wheel alignment
If you have noticed that your vehicle has started to pull to the left or right when driving, this usually means that your wheels are no longer aligned. From driving over a pothole to hitting the kerb, there can be a number of reasons why your car feels off-kilter and the alignment is off. Safety is paramount while on the road, so this article will discuss how misalignment can affect the overall performance of your car and the warning signs you should look out for on your vehicle.

Why is wheel alignment important?

The normal tyre alignment on most vehicles is specially designed to reduce wear and tear, as well as improve overall driving experience and safety on the road. Correct four wheel alignment on your vehicle will:

– Reduce wear on tyres
– Increase tyre lifespan and performance
– Improve fuel economy and vehicle handling
– Reduce problems with steering

What are the symptoms of tyre misalignment?

As mentioned, hitting potholes in the road can affect the position of your wheels and throw them out of alignment. In turn, this can impact how well your vehicle handles during journeys which can seriously affect safety on the roads. You must have the alignment of your vehicle checked if you notice any of the following:

– Abnormal or uneven wear on your tyres
– Your vehicle pulls to one side while driving
– Your steering wheel does not go back to its normal position after a turn
– Your steering wheel stays at an angle when driving in a straight line

How do I check my tyres?

When it comes to your wheels, there are a few simple checks you can carry out yourself to make sure your vehicle’s tyres aren’t misaligned:

– Check the air pressure on all four tyres – make sure they are inflated to the recommended pressure level as stated in the car owner’s handbook.
– Check that the tyre tread, type and size are the same on both front wheels – a combination of different tyres can cause the car to pull in one direction.
– Check to see whether there has been any abnormal wear on the tyres, such as uneven tread or missing portions.

How can I prevent problems with my wheel alignment?

Routine tyre maintenance can go a long way to preventing wheel misalignment, as it can detect any problems with your car before they escalate into major issues. As part of the comprehensive vehicle care we offer here at Universal Tyres, our fully trained team carry out a first class wheel alignment service. Using the latest technology and a wealth of experience, we can undertake any required wheel adjustments to return your car back to manufacturer specifications.

We offer competitively priced wheel alignment services for all makes and model of vehicle – simply contact us today to find out more!