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Tyre puncture repairs: Are they safe?

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As Britain is ravaged by the harsh winds of February and tree debris becomes more common, there’s just one question on motorists’ lips – are tyre repairs safe? The demand for tyre repairs increases every winter and it’s often a tyre technician’s job to explain why a tyre repair can mend a tyre to make it good as new.

Here, Universal Tyres will go into more detail about our industry leading tyre repairs service.


Regulation is a large part of why you should trust a tyre repair. If a tyre technician has recommended a repair over a replacement, this is because your damaged tyre has met the necessary criteria to be able to repair it safely.

This standard is maintained and tested by the British Standards Institution and set out as the BS AU 159.

The British Standard for Tyre Repair

The BS AU 159 confirms that tyres repaired to this standard can operate at their original speed and load capabilities for the remaining life of the tyre. Furthermore, there are clear guidelines that dictate whether a tyre can be repaired to this standard.

Repair Guidelines in More Detail

Car and van tyres can only be repaired within the central 60-70% of the tyres nominal width – meaning this percentage differs depending on the size of the tyre. Tyre sidewalls are off limits to repairs as these take the majority of the load when in use. A repair, even by an expert, will still considerably weaken the tyre’s structure and be unsafe for the highway.

The maximum diameter of a penetration hole left by a puncturing object is 6mm. This limit means that a tyre damaged by a screw or a nail is usually a good candidate for repair. However, if your tyre is split or cut a repair is unlikely to meet the above safety criteria.

What to Do If Your Car Tyre Has a Puncture

If one of your tyres has a puncture, avoid driving on the tyre. Even if the puncture is a slow puncture, you should install the spare wheel in place of the affected wheel. You can then safely drive to the nearest tyre centre, where the tyre can be professionally assessed. The tyre will then either be replaced or repaired.

Universal Tyres is the premier provider of car, van and motorcycle tyre services in London, Essex and South East England. We also offer tyre puncture repair services to all makes and models of vehicle, and all our repairs conform to the British Standards Institution guidelines. We’re open 6 days and week and with over 6,000 tyres in stock we can surely replace your damaged tyre should a repair prove unfeasible. Contact our friendly team today to book your appointment.

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