Every year hundreds of thousands of motorists call out for emergency breakdown assistance at the roadside but there are a few common issues that you should be aware of that will prevent you from being one of them. Most of the following issues can be maintained by regular servicing and sorting out those little advisories that come up on your MOT sooner rather than later.

Dead/Drained Battery

car battery

One of the top reasons for car breakdowns is a drained battery which can be caused by a number of issues, including leaving lights and radios on, or the age of the battery. A harsh winter could also cause battery failure so it’s important to keep an eye out for loose terminals. As well as this, experts have recommend you take your car out for long trips at least once a week, as continually making short trips has been known to drain the battery.

Wrong/No Fuel

This is another common problem causing drivers to call for breakdown assistance. It might seem obvious and unavoidable, but mistakes can and do happen. You should always check that your fuel tank is full and remember to fill it up regularly, particularly at the start of your journey, and do not let it get too low. Furthermore, you should try to remember to double check you are filling up with the correct fuel type. It is equally as common for drivers to fill up petrol engines with diesel as it is for them to put diesel in a petrol car.

Flat/Worn Tyres

Typical wear and tear, misaligned wheels and even high temperatures can cause problems with your tyres. Check the owner’s manual to ensure correct pressure and tread depth so that you get the most from your tyres. It’s also important to check the spare tyre too.

Clutch Issues

Clutches are under a high amount of stress which can result in snapped cables or damaged clutch plates. Both should be repaired at the earliest opportunity to minimise breakdowns. A snapped cable can be repaired at the roadside, however this is a temporary measure and replacement as soon as wear is visible is highly recommended.

Lost/Faulty Keys

lost car keys

This one isn’t technically a breakdown but is still one of the most common reasons motorists are calling out for emergency assistance. Locking keys inside the vehicle. Always carry a spare set of keys or fob with you, as even your car dealer may take several days to replace a missing key.

A lot of these might seem like basic common sense, but it’s surprising how many people put off fixing those worn clutch plates or forget to check the tread on their tyres on a regular basis. With Universal Tyres, we can help you keep your car in top tip condition, so you don’t have to worry about when the next breakdown is going to happen.

Our areas of expertise include tyre fitting, MOT and servicing, along with exhaust and brake repairs. Simply call us today to book your vehicle in.