inside of car
With us now fully immersed into the British winter time, we need to make sure we are fully prepared for all eventualities when the weather take a turn for the worse at any time, as you can guarantee that when it does, something will go wrong with your car! – check our blog on winter checks for your car.

Head Torch

Daylight hours are minimal in the winter, but with a head torch, regardless of what time it is, you will still be able to clearly see the problem area i.e under the bonnet and assess the situation.

Should you find yourself stuck in snowy weather with tyres that won’t budge, a snow shovel would be a god send and can help get you out of an otherwise tricky situation.

Jump Leads

With cold mornings, comes flat batteries. A pair of jump leads could help get your car started and back on the road.

First Aid Kit

Put together a handy first aid kit, including plasters, bandages, antiseptic wipes, pain killers and anything else you feel might be needed, so you are fully equipped for any situation.


If your car breaks down and you have to wait a while for help, a warm blanket would be very much appreciated so it’s a good idea to keep one rolled up in the back of your boot.


If you are stranded for a long period of time, you will need to drink, but bear in mind the water could freeze. To avoid this, try and keep it in a smaller and thinner bottle, so it stands a better chance of thawing out quicker than if in a large flask.

Ice Scraper

An obvious winter essential: the ice scraper. A quick an effective way to clear your windows and windscreen of ice and snow.

Microfiber Cloth

When it’s warm inside the car, but temperatures are cold outside, condensation can appear on the windscreens which can form a fogged up window. Keep a microfibre cloth at hand to wipe and clear away the mistiness.

Emergency Money

You should always keep some change in your car in case of emergencies, it could pay for food and drink or any other necessities you might otherwise have forgotten to pack.

USB Mobile Phone Charger

This way you can keep your phone fully charged and able to make any emergency phone calls, if needed.

High-vis Vest

This reflective material is extremely important to warn oncoming traffic that there is an obstacle in the way. By wearing the jacket you will remain visible when in sight of any other drivers, giving them the time to react if necessary.

Using our list as a guideline for the essential items you need in your car, will keep you fully prepared for all eventualities this winter.

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