We’re now in the thick of winter and to avoid costly accidents, it’s worth knowing how to safely defrost your windscreen. Making this part of your morning routine through the colder months will ensure you stay safe on the road, even when you’re up against the icy side of mother nature. Here’s our top tips on how to correctly defrost your windscreen.

Use lukewarm water

If you’re using water to defrost your windscreen, never use boiling water. This is because the temperature differences are too extreme and will cause the windscreen to expand too quickly, leading to a crack. You’ll need an entirely new windscreen after this, so douse your windscreen with lukewarm water instead as this will melt the frost. Scrape off the slush and away you go.

Homemade de-icer

You can make your own de-icer by mixing ⅓ water with ⅔ rubbing alcohol. This is an effective way to clear frost from your windscreen. It’s an added bonus that the ingredients are inexpensive and can be made en masse, so you have a stock of de-icer ‘on tap’ all winter.

Use your blower, not your hands

On the interior of the windscreen, you’ll find that your breath quickly mists up the cold glass. Never use your hands to wipe this away as it will cause grease to further obstruct your vision. Instead, keep a windscreen cloth handy in your glove box or set the blowers on hot, start your engine and wait for the temperature in the car to equalise.

Avoid the problem in the first place

It’s simple, it’s effective. You should do it. To avoid the hassle of defrosting your windscreen every morning, cover it with something that’s easy to remove in the morning and simple to affix to the windscreen at night.

Most people use a towel, a bed sheet, newspaper or a large piece of cardboard. For drivers who don’t want to papier-mâché their new Mercedes, you can buy products specifically designed to cover your windscreen and prevent frost.

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