Exhausts are an indispensable facet of a car’s mechanical structure, being the means by which the byproduct waste gases of combustion are expelled from the engine. When problems arise with your exhaust, these waste products can prove dangerous for your car, you and your passengers, and the environment. Consequently, it is of the utmost importance that you keep your exhaust in good nick, so in our second article of the month we’ll be looking at the most common exhaust problems you should be mindful of.


The likeliest reason that your exhaust will suffer failure will be that rust has managed to form and sink its gritty claws into your exhaust. Because the material your exhaust is made of is iron-based and it is exposed to the elements underneath your car including water and oxygen, your exhaust is vulnerable to rust and the compromise of structural integrity and functionality it brings with it.

Although there is the potential for an entire exhaust to be eroded by rust, it is more likely that you will notice the problems the rust brings long before this becomes the case so long as you service your vehicle regularly. In worst case scenarios rust can erode the exhaust so much it pockets it with holes, or worse still erodes a fixture until it snaps and leaves you dragging part of your exhaust along the road behind you.

Exhaust manifold failure

The manifold is the point at which the exhaust connects with the engine, collecting all the byproduct waste gases of combustion and moving them into the exhaust for treatment and expulsion. It protects the vehicle’s occupants from the toxic gases, but it is vulnerable to damage under extreme fluctuating temperatures. Pressure and heat in extreme cases can leave the manifold peppered with tiny cracks that will lead to the failure of your exhaust.

A thorough service will identify problems in the manifold early, and as such will likely save you a lot of money, as opposed to breaking the bank rectifying major malfunctions in your exhaust later.

Loose brackets

Because of the constant wear your engine is subject to the brackets that hold your exhaust in place may also be at risk and need monitoring regularly. Again rust can play a factor in loosening brackets, but general wear and tear also needs to be kept an eye on.

If you hear a rattling sound coming from under your car when you drive it, it could be a sign of a loose bracket and the fact that components of your car’s engine are not fastened correctly. Immediately book your car into a garage to identify the problem before it becomes something worse than it needs to be.

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