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If there is one feature of your car that is absolutely indispensable in ensuring safety, it has to be your brakes. Keeping them in prime working condition, therefore, is essential. Regularly servicing your brakes can be one way that you ensure they’re working properly, but failing to do so can have dire consequences. In the first of this month’s articles, we’ll be looking at some of the worst cases of brake neglect in the country, to give you an idea of what’s at stake.

Unfitted Caliper Bolts

DIY car repairs are, simply put, the wrong way to go about fixing your brakes. If you have only a rudimentary knowledge of how a car works, you could overlook something in the repairs process that could sow the seeds of havoc.

For instance, if you fit a new set of brakes yourself, you must not forget to refit the caliper retaining bolts. Failure to do so may be noticeable from the off, as the brakes will not perform very well. However, you may not realise there is a problem until it is too late. One driver in Exeter did exactly this, but luckily enough he took his car to a professional before an accident occurred. Needless to say, he failed his MOT and the problem had to be fixed before he could pass it.

Severed Brake Pipes

Another driver in Fife once felt it necessary to cut the brake pipes on his car. Without adequate brake pipes, the brakes wouldn’t work, of course. He was lucky to make his way into the garage for his MOT without incident!

Corrosion Frustration

Corrosion on your brakes, be it on the pipes or the brake itself, can cause major problems further down the line. Under pressure, corroded brakes can leak fluids, thus compromising their functionality. A Fiesta in Little Lever with only 43,000 miles on it had extremely corroded brakes, leaking fluid and drastically reducing their working capacity. However, with regular maintenance, this should never become a problem. Without proper maintenance, you’re sure to be in for an MOT failure.

Book in for a Comprehensive Service Today

To avoid such horrific brake problems like the ones briefly mentioned here, you’ll need to have a regular service, as your MOT alone won’t be enough to remedy any problems with your brakes. That’s where Universal Tyres can be of assistance.

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