Everyone has probably seen the warning sign: ‘Tiredness can kill. Take a Break’ at some point during their car journey somewhere. With the National Sleep Foundation having now revealed that up to 30% of all crashes are caused by tired drivers, there has never been a more crucial time for drivers to sit up and take note of this warning.

Driving when tired

For those of you who have experienced the difficulty of driving when feeling extremely tired, you will also understand the temptation to power through and keep going so you can get home quicker and go to bed, rather than stopping to have a break – often a common turmoil felt by shift workers, having just finished a night shift and on their drive home. But is the wave of fear, panic and sickness really worth it when you realise your eyes have been closed for, how long…?

The answer is no. Nothing is worth that dreaded feeling, and the most important thing to bear in mind is that it isn’t just your own life you are putting in danger, but the lives of everybody else who happens to be on that road at the exact time that your heavy eyelids shut to! However, a new device has been created by a British company to help keep sleepy drivers awake at the wheel.

How does it work?

Many of you may be wondering what sort of device can work to keep you awake; so let us explain it to you…

The clever, new software is a camera attached to the vehicle’s rear-view mirror, which is then wired to the car’s computer system. The camera works to detect the driver’s head position, blinking motion and eye alignment and match these to images they have previously recorded.

If a change is detected in these images, the software will react by sending a message to the steering wheel and the interior car alarm. This message will result in the steering wheel vibrating and the car alarm sounding to alert the driver, and hopefully, wake them up and banish their drowsiness.

Has it been tested?

Researches have confirmed the product is in the testing phase, but they are extremely optimistic for its release and the implications it can have moving forwards. Sensors have already been largely introduced in newer car models to help with reversing and parking, and this new revelation is simply an extension of their capabilities.

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